By recognizing human’s only and unique physical characteristics, biometric systems had been developed for identifying people’s identities and they are especially used for pass control and recognition concerns. By the start of computers and internet using as information technology tools eectively, there had been appeared the obligation of prevention to some personal information and classied data of companies by unauthorized people or establishments. The systems that are used broadly, conrm indicators or information that are given by user instead of identifying users. On the contrary, biometric systems identify users directly and they oer high security and are used as the essential element of these types of applications.

The system works with the principle of recording user’s unique characteristics with biometric devices to database and coupling user’s identity automatically. These systems that are used at more application area day by day; give the desired eciency by selecting suitable devices which need distinctive knowledge and experience, and by integration of selected devices properly.

Mobese A.S oers the most proper solutions by its technical capacity at ngerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition and vein recognition systems; and by selecting the most suitable products for requiring plants by its experience.

At the top of the advantages of biometric systems ;
1). Users don’t have to carry identiers like identity card or magnetic card.

2). It makes impossible forgery by that user has to be present at identication point.

3). It makes redundant that memorizing secret information like user name and password could be counted







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